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Robotics & AI


11 +







Our curriculum is designed to be both comprehensive and engaging, covering everything from the basics to advanced topics in robotics and AI. We focus on hands-on learning with popular development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP32, so you get to apply what you learn in real-world projects. You'll also work with industry-relevant tools like OpenCV and TensorFlow, ensuring you're up-to-date with current technologies. We include a variety of learning resources and explore emerging trends to keep things exciting and forward-looking. Plus, with regular assessments and a focus on real-world applications, you'll not only understand the material but also know how to use it effectively.


Explore the learning

  • Understanding Robotics Basics
    • Overview of robotics

    • Introduction to key concepts: actuators, sensors, microcontrollers

    • Brief history of robotics

    Introduction to Arduino Platform
    • Overview of Arduino and its applications

    • Understanding the Arduino IDE

    • Basic programming concepts in Arduino

    Basic Electronics
    • Electronic Components in Robotics

    Introduction to Sensors and Actuators in Robotics
    • Types of sensors and actuators

    Basic Programming with Arduino
    • Basic programming concepts

    • Introduction to libraries and their usage

    • Error handling and debugging

    Introduction to AI & ML
    • Basics overview of AI & ML

    • Introduction to teachable machine by google

    • Real-world applications of AI and future trends

    Future Trends and Applications in Robotics and AI
    • Emerging Trends in Robotics and AI

    • Real-world applications and Case study

    Final Project
  • Advanced Robotics Concepts
    • In-depth overview into robotics

    • Advanced Microcontrollers and Development Boards

    • Advanced Robotic Systems

    Advanced Electronics and Sensor Integration
    • Advanced Electronics for Robotics

    • Sensor Fusion and Integration

    Advanced Programming with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP32
    • Advanced Programming Concepts in Arduino

    • Working with Raspberry Pi and ESP32

    Introduction to IoT
    • Introduction to IoT

    • Real-world applications of IoT and Future trends

    Mid Project
    Basic Computer Vision with OpenCV
    • Image Processing with OpenCV

    • Object Detection and Recognition

    Advanced AI
    • Introduction to neural networks and deep learning

    • More AI & ML concepts 

    Advanced AI Applications and Future Trends
    • Advanced AI Applications

    • Future Trends and Case Studies

    • Overview of LLM

    Final Project

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